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Blackboard Learn is Rockhurst's course management system.  

This allows you to manage course materials, announcements, important dates, etc. for your course(s).  You will use your Rockhurst Network User Name and Password to log into Blackboard.  You can access Blackboard through the portal at  or the direct URL is


The complete process for Blackboard course creation, student enrollment, and course availability at Rockhurst is referenced below.


Blackboard Instructor Accounts and Course shells are automatically created when the Blackboard Administrator runs Blackboard updates. Instructors will see these courses on their Blackboard Course Listing.

  • Course Titles reflect the Course ID, Section ID, Course Title, and Term.  EXAMPLE:  "MG 6008 ECA – - Managerial Communications - Summer 2016"
  • At the beginning of each term, the Blackboard Administrator begins to run Blackboard student enrollment and continued updates beginning two weeks before the first day of class.


ALL of the following need to be completed in order for the courses to be created in those updates:

the instructor has completed the HR process

the instructor has been officially assigned to the course(s) they are teaching in Banner (Rockhurst's official record system)

the Instructor has completed FERPA training through the Registrar’s Office.

the Instructor has completed the process for their Rockhurst Network User Account through Computer Services.



The instructor does NOT have to contact the Blackboard Administrator for creating their course.  

 The instructor only completes the Course Special Request Form available on this page if there are special requests such as adding additional instructors and multiple course section merges. 

An Instructor should check with the Dean's office of their college if there is any question of the course status and/or being officially assigned as the instructor of a course.  

 If instructors have been officially assigned to courses, these courses should be created in Blackboard automatically with the Blackboard Administrator updates. Contact the Blackboard Administrator if
      you this has been done and you still do not see your course(s). 


STUDENT ENROLLMENT for Blackboard Courses:

What do Instructors need to do to make sure students can access and view their course?


  1. The Blackboard Administrator runs Blackboard student enrollment and updates beginning two week prior to the first day of class.  If instructors have special requests such as adding additional instructors or multiple section merges, they should complete the Course Special Request Form:


  2. Last, make your course AVAILABLE for students to view your course when you are ready for them to view the course content. 
    See the COURSE AVAILABILITY section below:

When are enrollment updates and drops processed?

Blackboard enrollment updates are run frequently during the first of any given term.  If added student enrollment is not reflected accurately after a 24 hour period, students can contact the Help Desk for assistance.

If DROPS are not processed, Instructors can change the User Availability in the course.  To do so:

  1.  Go to Control Panel
  2.  Expand Users and Groups
  3.  Click Users
  4.  To the Right of the Username, Click the Menu Drop Down Arrow
  5.   Click "Change User Availability in Course"
  6.   Change "Availability" to NO and SUBMIT.  (The student will no longer being to see your course on their Course Listing.)


COURSE AVAILABILITY to Instructors and Students


Courses are ALWAYS available to Instructors.  Instructors must make courses available each term for student access.


When courses are created, the default is that courses are UNAVAILABLE to STUDENTS.  It is the responsibility of the instructor to make courses available for student access. To do so:

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Click on Customization
  3. Click on Properties
  4. Select 'Yes' to make Course Available in the Availability section
  5. Click Submit


When your course is complete at the end of the term, make the course UNAVAILABLE so students cannot see it on their Blackboard Course Listing.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Courses will be not be made UNavailable by the Blackboard Administrator until a later date so please be sure to complete this task.  



Two years after a course ends, courses will be made unavailable to the Instructors.


If you are a Rockhurst Instructor that would like training and support in using Blackboard, please email the Blackboard Administrator at

  • Getting Started?  Schedule an appointment for a jumpstart session with Kay -
  • When you are added as an Instructor in Blackboard for Rockhurst, you also enrolled in the "Blackboard Information Course" as a student.
  • Blackboard Help link is available on your course menus on the bottom left.
  • Blackboard On-Demand Videos are also available online HERE.




  • Not all Rockhurst instructors choose to use Blackboard for their courses. 
  • Instructors are responsible to make their courses available or not available to students. 
  • If students cannot see courses they are officially enrolled in, students should communicate with their instructor to verify the status of the course in Blackboard. 
  • If students have communicated with their instructor and still have problems seeing the course, then they should contact the HELP Desk at 816-501-HELP or email



Last Updated:  4-28-2015




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